Dorothy in Front of Juniper Cafe, circa 1949.

This is Dorothy Hoersch. Her and her husband, Harold, were the original owners and operators of Hob Nob Hill. Started in 1944, and after a few name changes — Juniper Cafe, Melody Grill, and Dorothy’s Oven — the name was finally changed to Hob Nob Hill.

There is a lot of inspiration we took from this picture for the remodel, mainly the use of subway tiles through the restaurant. But more importantly, we want to put this photo up to remind us of our beginnings. There is a tremendous history to this restaurant, more than most in the city. 

While we have changed numerous times — and Hob Nob has taken on many identities and designs — over the years, one thing remains the same: On First and Juniper, in Bankers Hill in the lovely city of San Diego, a restaurant has stood. Serving San Diegans and tourists alike since 1944.