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Tania Warchol and 30 Years Of Owning Hob Nob

2023 marks 30 years since Tania Warchol and her then husband purchased Hob Nob Hill from Harold Hoersch. While her ex-husband has gone on to other projects, Tania has been running this restaurant solo for nearly a decade.

After surviving a COVID-era remodel, Tania is excited to see what the next decades have in store for Hob Nob.

This photo was taken by her daughter, Alex, a professional photographer based out of LA. While they took hundreds of photographs during their shoot, this one is especially poignant.

If you look at Dorothy’s photo, across from Tania’s, you will see so many striking similarities:

The positioning of their hands, the pose in front of a subway tiled wall, and the cut of the dress.

But here’s one thing they also have in common: two women owners in two different eras, photographed in the same restaurant decades apart.

There is history in these walls. Nearly 80 years of being women owned is one of the most historic.

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